Arduino Source Code
This source code is provided for customers who want to customise the
functionality of the Top16 using Arduino (tm) IDE.


Arduino 'nano' (tm) architecture.

Arduino Settings
Board: Arduino AVR->Arduino Nano

Project  version 16-Sep-2015

Top16-II AT

ATTiny x06 microprocessor.

The board is an 'Attiny' in the MegaTinyCore library, developed by
Spence Konde

Arduino project settings:

ATTiny806 or ATTiny1606
no bootloader
Clock: 8MHz internal
millis/micros enabled

Project hardware version a and b  (updated 15-Mar-2023)
Project  hardware version c


The board does not use a 'bootloader'. It is programmed natively using the
onboard USB to serial hardware and  "SerialUPDI"

Programming is enabled using the 2 Jumper links